Aquabeads - Star Bead Pack

SKU: 210000012692

The Star Bead Pack refill set includes over 800 star beads in 8 solid colors, including red, yellow, light blue, ivory, white, light pink, light purple, and lime green.

This set requires:

  • 31331 Flip Tray set
  • 30508 sprayer
  • Aquabeads template sheets, sold separately and included in Aquabeads complete sets (template sheets also included in Theme Refill sets and 30288 Designer Template Sheets).

Following the template sheet, place the beads onto the tray to create your design.
Using the sprayer, spray water onto the beads to make them magically stick together! Play together with other complete, theme refill and refill sets from Aquabeads.

WARNING: Aquabeads is suitable for girls and boys ages 4 and above. Not suitable for children under age 3 due to small parts.