CDX Roller Coaster Motor Kit

SKU: 210000010822

Motorize your CDX Blocks roller coaster! Electric motor with power supply is compatible with any set in the cdx line of roller coaster models.

Our coasters feature realistic operation using a chain to haul the train to the top of the hill, with gravity taking over from there. Adding a motor allows the thrilling anticipation of that initial climb to be hands-free for an additional level of roller coaster realism and fun!

  • The CDX Blocks motor kit comes with a 100rpm motor and a 6v power supply
  • Motor shaft is specifically designed to fit the gear drive on CDX coaster models
  • Includes plug-in power supply and ac/DC adapter
  • CDX Blocks models feature High quality brick components and precision machined metal wheels on the train.
  • Compatible with the worlds leading building block system.
  • Designed by a real roller coaster engineer.
  • Recommended age: 13+