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Our team has been making games in Wisconsin since the 1970s. Some worked on hits like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, and more. We're adding a few more hits to their legacy!

Who Will You Become?

A radiant golden Sun rises over a devastated planet Earth of the 5th Age. Emerging from the destruction is a planet born anew where giants, tribes, mutants, cyborgs and odd creatures from a multitude of worlds clash in an attempt to reclaim the Earth as their own!  The GiantLands®  1st Edition Set includes there core rule booklets, character sheets, dice and few more surprises. While you can play this game at a table, it’s also the key to a new active world, where live-action roleplay and costumes are encouraged. Soon you’ll also be able to join us at live events and a GiantLands theme park where you can go on adventures as your favorite characters in a living game world!

The Future Is Now!

Now is your chance to create civilization anew... Giantlands is but the latest inception of shared imagination to emerge from the culture of Lake Geneva Wisconsin, created by Stephen E. Dinehart & James M. Ward.

Everything You Need!

  • 3 Core Rulebooks
  • Game Dice
  • Game Tokens
  • Adventure Map (reversible poster)
  • 3 Premade Characters - with Larry Elmore Art
  • 1 Blank Character 
  • 2 GiantLands Pencils
  • GiantLands Bookmark


  • 3-10 players
  • Age 12+
  • 90+ Min play time