Gravitrax PRO: Vertical Starter Set

SKU: 210000012991

Launch the power of gravity to new heights!

It's the same GraviTrax system you love - hexagonal risers and track tiles connected by rail tracks and thrilling stunts atop a honeycomb baseplate.

But this time, the towers are taller, the speed is faster, and the stunts are even more extreme!

Use the towers to create a sky-high metropolis. Use the balconies to suspend your tracks over dizzying heights. Use the walls to stabilize your builds, connect more balconies to the walls, and then weave your tracks through the gaps.

Meanwhile, there's a press-to-start tile, a switch tile, a variety of straight and curvy tracks, plus a magnetic cannon.

As the marbles approach, the magnetism makes them accelerate until - SLAM - They hit the cannon, their kinetic energy transfers through the marbles on the other side, and the furthest is sent flying fast!

Incredibly open-ended and fully compatible with all GraviTrax sets - Pro and non-Pro alike - the GraviTrax PRO Vertical Starter Set is your first step into a whole new level of marble-run possibilities.

GraviTrax PRO - Vertical Starter Set

  • New edition of GraviTrax featuring towers and balconies
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, planning, problem-solving, experimentation
  • Tall towers mean more possibilities - Longer runs, faster speeds
  • Features balconies that attach to towers and walls
  • Gaps in towers and walls let you weave tracks through your builds!
  • Tiles, balconies, towers, walls, and stunts stack and snap together easily
  • Track pieces easily hook onto sides of tiles at nearly any degree
  • Experiment with gravity, acceleration, kinetic energy, and more
  • Includes 153 building pieces, tracks, and marbles
  • Detailed instructions and building ideas included
  • Amazingly open-ended - Fully compatible with ALL GraviTrax sets!
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional building experience