Topper Takes A Trip (The Suitcase Game)

SKU: 210000008640
  • GAMES THAT TEACH: Pick one of five destinations, match and pack your items and go! This get-up-and-move game is filled with learning and imaginative adventure. There’s no real right or wrong way to play.
  • LEARNING AND GROWING: Topper Takes a Trip is a great way to teach toddler to follow simple instructions while building their vocabulary. The included manual contains more ways to play, learn, explore, and connect through this game with your 2 year old.
  • PRETEND PLAY: If your child enjoys filling up the suitcase and dumping it out, that’s fine. Sometimes it’s all about meeting your child at their current level of development and finding ways to engage with them.
  • PLAYING IS GROWTH: Frequent play for children is beneficial on many levels. Play creates opportunity for social skill development, numerous cognitive benefits, and can improve emotional well-being.
  • INCLUDES: 5 location cards, 5 packing lists, 25 packing pieces, suitcase, parent guide and instructions (for ages 2 and up)