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Five retro toys and games that prove having fun never gets old

Five retro toys and games that prove having fun never gets old

Despite the fact that today's toys are more complex and electronic in nature, interacting with toys from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s shows that their unique and fun nature explains why they're still around today!

Allison Wonderland Toys & Games has a wide variety of retro, classic, and vintage style toys that will never go out of style.

See for yourself with some of our top retro toys:

Lite Brite

The classic jingle from the 1980’s sure was an ear worm! After all these years, Lite Brite still leads the way in lit-up colored peg art. 

The Lite Brite with a lit-up sailboard on it. A pile of pegs and paper templates lie next to it.

New additions over the years have made Lite Brite even more innovative: It ran on electricity years ago, but today you just need 3 AA batteries. That, and Lite Brite's thinner form factor, make it more portable than ever! Plus, you can now switch between blinking, pulsing, steady and random LED lights to light up the pegs.

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Spirograph Deluxe Kit

the spirograph deluxe set with drawing boards, storage kit, gears, design pens, and guide.

Did you know the concept of the Spirograph goes back to an architect and engineer in 1827? It wasn't until 1966 that this fun creative drawing device was released as a children's toy and it's still around today for good reason!

Creating millions of amazing designs will never get old and Spirograph proves it. Spirograph has been re-engineered and updated with the included precision engineered gears in this amazing set.

It includes a full-color design guide to creating your own incredible and timeless designs!

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Colorform hot wheels and toy story boxes with my little pony boards and colorform stickers

Colorforms were invented in the 1950s by two art students experimenting with flexible vinyl, which was new and experimental at the time. A thimble, bottle and medicine container were some of the first shapes which led to the very first Colorforms set!

Popeye the Sailor Man was the first licensed character to be featured in a Colorforms set. Over the decades there then there have been numerous popular characters featured in Colorforms sets, and that continues today with Allison Wonderland's Barbie Adventures, Barbie Dreamhome, Toy Story, Hot Wheels, Minnie Mouse, and My Little Pony Colorform sets!

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Classic Games

A collection of retro games like mancala, checkers, waterfuls, labyrinth, and tiddledy winks

Games have always entertained us throughout the ages, whether it's a 1,300 year old game such as Mancala to something a bit more recent like The Original Waterfuls.

We have classic board games like Checkers, Chess, and Chinese Checkers to vintage style activity games like Tiddledy Winks and Table Top Corn Hole.

We even have an awesome classic style bingo set!

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Pound Puppies Newborns

Pound Puppies Newborns were released in 1986 and wow, does that commercial tug at the heart strings!

a tan pound puppy newborn in a diaper

Check out our collection of Pound Puppies Newborns and adopt some today!

Buy Pound Puppies Newborns

Having fun with classic toys and games is timeless! See more retro toys and games that Allison Wonderland Toys & Games has to offer.


  • That Lite Brite commercial really took me back. Now I need one to use in the background of my Zoom calls.

    Mark Koenig on

  • I still have my Lite Brite from 1997 with Star Wars designs!

    Chuck on

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